Scenes from Dindli Bazaar

Dindli Bazaar is a busy marketplace in Adityapur, Jharkhand. Most of the vendors and shopkeepers here are locals. As a child I used to visit this place with my grandfather to buy fresh vegetables. Although the shops range from electronics to stationery and daily-use products, this photo essay covers mostly vegetable sellers.

My grandfather has been a regular customer for years. Most of the older vendors know him. Whenever I accompany him, he never fails to introduce me to the shopkeepers.

A barbershop at Dindli Bazaar that my grandfather still visits, even though it is pretty far from his place.

Adityapur foot overbridge

The bridge, which spans over the Adityapur railway station, is one of the ways to get to the market. My grandfather does not take the bridge anymore. He hails an auto rickshaw and takes a detour.