Hi, I am Ankur Surin, a writer, photographer and a professional copyeditor. Life, to me, is a series of images that I try to capture through words and pictures.

A slightly more formal introduction

I am a copyeditor who divides his time between New Delhi and Kolkata. I have more than five years of work experience as an editor in a publishing house and MNCs (in the oil & gas, pharmaceuticals and technology sectors). I edit Pop the Culture Pill, a culture magazine that aims to bring new as well as experienced creators to an audience with an eclectic taste in art and literature.

I have been writing poems for over five years and practising photography for nearly a decade — both of these pursuits have been mere hobbies. I am a self-confessed cinephile, with interest in Asian cinema.

I am currently working on a fantasy novel and a collection of poems.

I have a master’s degree in English Literature and a post-graduate diploma in publishing studies from Calcutta University.


Support for Authors

Are you writing a novel, a collection of poems, or a short story for a publication? I am sure you have built an airtight plot for your story, checked all boxes, including metre and rhyme, for your poem, and created an unforgettable character for readers to fall in love with. Or perhaps, you are writing a research paper, and you want impeccable grammar, impactful vocabulary, and correctly formatted citations.

You want it to be perfect. Why wouldn’t you? It’s your creation.

You want a copyeditor

The written word has historically outlasted generations of humans. You are creating something that readers would be reading perhaps even a hundred years from now. That’s a monumental feat. And like great monuments that still attract visitors, your artefact will attract readers.

A copyeditor, like me, will make sure that the sturdy structure of your creation is reinforced with accurate punctuation, words, phrases and syntax. Moreover, a fresh perspective on the structure and flow of text and characters enriches your creation a whole lot more, ensuring that it is ready to be embraced by readers.

Connect with me

Drop me an email to discuss your project, schedule, and pricing.

I look forward to working with you.